Aibecy 1080P HD Video Conference Camera Fixed Focus Wide Angle Webcam


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Features: High-definition conference camera, 1080P fixed focus, H.264 compression, 2.1 megapixels, good image restoration, very suitable for network communication applications such as video conferencing, remote teaching, remote medicine, group training, monitoring and so on. Horizontal 355 degree rotation, vertical 90 rotation, large area coverage of the use environment, adjustable speed. With image flip function, whether the camera is upright or inverted, the image can always be positive. The preset point can be set and invoked, and the positioning precision can reach + 15 . Support auto cruising, while starting the tour every time, set the time when the preset point stays. The conference camera supports 4 tour path, and each path can store 16 preset points. The left and right limit positions can be preset in advance through the control keyboard or remote control conveniently, so that the conference camera can scan back and forth horizontally at the set speed between the left and right limit positions. Use with a high-sensitivity infrared remote control, and supports the power-off memory function, automatically restores the data before power-off after restart. Compatible with multiple control protocols, using standard RS422 / RS232 control mode. Support a variety of installation methods, you can install it on the ceiling, wall or tripod, can also be placed directly on the desktop to use. Connected via USB cable, no need to drive, plug and play, compatible with QQ / MSN / SKYPE and other communication software, very convenient.