Elgato Facecam webcam 1920 x 1080 pixels USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1) Black


SEE THE DIFFERENCEN/AFacecam is the world’s most powerful webcam with video quality that speaks for itself. It’s the best proven and certified by the community.N/AN/ATHE ULTIMATE WEBCAMN/AA pro-grade lens with a cutting-edge image sensor. High-speed circuitry that outputs stunning uncompressed video. And onboard memory to recall image settings on all your computers. Introducing Facecam professional optics in a webcam form factor. Engineered to make you look amazing.N/AN/ACRAFTED FOR CREATORS N/AHow do you make the best webcam? Focus on what matters remove what doesn’t. That means fusing pro camera technology with plug and play convenience and leaving audio to your microphone.N/AN/ASHOOT LIKE A PRO EASILYN/AManual or auto? Either way Camera Hub makes it easy to set the perfect shot on the fly. Dial in your field of view. Adjust saturation sharpness and contrast. Select shutter speed exposure and color temperature. Or let Auto mode take care of settings while you focus on your audience.N/AN/AALL SETTINGS ONBOARDN/ASwitching from laptop to desktop? No problem. Windows Mac? Plug in and you’re good to go. Elgato Flash Memory saves all your settings directly to Facecam for instant recall on any machine.N/AN/ADYNAMIC IMAGE PROCESSINGN/AThe ISP inside Facecam is optimized to enhance highlights and automatically correct shadows. Colors appear vibrant yet natural. Whites and darks are always balanced to maximize detail while keeping noise minimal. Day or night your image quality is unbelievable.N/AN/ATRUE 60 FPSN/ACutting edge optics and advanced circuitry redefine what you expect from FHD webcams. With Facecam say goodbye to grainy footage that lags and present yourself in stunning 1080p resolution at a fluid sixty frames per second.N/AN/ARAW TO THE CORE N/AUncompressed YUV video means no unnecessary re-encoding of your webcam feed. The result? Best in class latency and zero artifacts.


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Elgato Facecam webcam 1920 x 1080 pixels USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1) Black

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