Elgato Wave DX Black PC microphone

Elgato Wave DX Black PC microphone


INCREDIBLE SOUND RIGHT OUT OF THE BOXN/ADont just take our word for it. Grab your headphones and let Wave DX do the talking.N/AN/ABROADCAST READYN/AThe finely tuned frequency response range reproduces precise vocals without coloration perfect for sculpting your signature sound with effects and EQ.N/AN/ACAPSULE OF MAGIC N/ASelected in close cooperation with Lewitt Audio the dynamic capsule inside Wave DX is a remarkable feat of audio engineering. Just take a listen.N/AN/ATRUE PERFORMERN/AAn optimized proximity effect lets you shape your voice naturally. The closure you get the bigger the bass.N/AN/ASMOOTH TALKERN/ACrafted with acoustically engineered nylon fiber sandwiched between two layers of foam the internal pop shield reduces plosive breath sounds. N/AN/ARADICALLY CLEARN/AA dynamic microphone that picks up detail like a condenser? That’s right. Wave DX captures lifelike lows and luscious highs while rejecting room noise. Its hard to find a mic that can do both. N/AN/AWORKS WITH ANY XLR INTERFACE. EVEN BETTER WITH WAVE XLR.N/AWave DX works seamlessly with Wave XLR a compact USB interface packing features you won’t find in conventional audio interfaces. Like proprietary anti-distortion technology a capacitive mute button direct integration with Wave Link mixing software and an interchangeable faceplate.


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Elgato Wave DX Black PC microphone

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