Hori PS4-149E Gaming Controller Black Bluetooth Flight Sim Analogue PlayStation 4


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ONYX Plus Wireless Controller is the next evolution in PS4 gaming. For years PlayStation4 gamers have been limited to a single controller layout. Today HORI changes that with the ONYX Plus an ergonomic 2.4 GHz wireless controller designed from the ground up to reflect the needs of the modern player. The wide grip chassis sits comfortably in the hands and the offset analogue layout echoes that of more modern console gamepads. 3.5mm audio Jack for full audio immersion and strategic conversations between players. Newly added PC compatibility for all types of game play. For gamers yet to purchase a PlayStation4 despite the platforms large collection of exclusive titles now is the time to invest. Enjoy PlayStation4 exclusives on a controller that suits your play style its in your hands. Officially licensed by Sony.