Intel NUC 13 Extreme Kit - NUC13RNGi7 Desktop Black Intel Z690 i7-13700K

Intel NUC 13 Extreme Kit - NUC13RNGi7 Desktop Black Intel Z690 i7-13700K


Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)N/AIntel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) continues from the existing support for IA-32 (VT-x) and Itanium processor (VT-i) virtualization adding new support for I/O-device virtualization. Intel VT-d can help end users improve security and reliability of the systems and also improve performance of I/O devices in virtualized environments.N/AN/AIntel Virtualization Technology (VT-x)N/AIntel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) allows one hardware platform to function as multiple virtual platforms. It offers improved manageability by limiting downtime and maintaining productivity by isolating computing activities into separate partitions.N/AN/AIntel AES New InstructionsN/AIntel AES New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) are a set of instructions that enable fast and secure data encryption and decryption. AES-NI are valuable for a wide range of cryptographic applications for example: applications that perform bulk encryption/decryption authentication random number generation and authenticated encryption.N/AN/AMax Turbo FrequencyN/AMax Turbo Frequency is the maximum single-core frequency at which the processor is capable of operating using Intel Turbo Boost Technology and if present Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and Intel Thermal Velocity Boost. Frequency is typically measured in gigahertz (GHz) or billion cycles per second.N/AN/AIntel Rapid Storage TechnologyN/AIntel Rapid Storage Technology provides protection performance and expandability for desktop and mobile platforms. Whether using one or multiple hard drives users can take advantage of enhanced performance and lower power consumption. When using more than one drive the user can have additional protection against data loss in the event of hard drive failure. Successor to Intel Matrix Storage Technology.N/AN/AIntegrated GraphicsN/AIntegrated graphics allow for incredible visual quality faster graphic performance and flexible display options without the need for a separate graphics card.N/AN/AIntel Optane Memory SupportedN/AIntel Optane memory is a revolutionary new class of non-volatile memory that sits in between system memory and storage to accelerate system performance and responsiveness. When combined with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver it seamlessly manages multiple tiers of storage while presenting one virtual drive to the OS ensuring that data frequently used resides on the fastest tier of storage. Intel Optane memory requires specific hardware and software configuration.N/AN/ARAID ConfigurationN/ARAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a single logical unit and distributes data across the array defined by RAID levels indicative of the level of redundancy and performance required.N/AN/AIntel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT)N/AIntel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT) is a platform functionality for credential storage and key management used by Windows 8* and Windows 10. Intel PTT supports BitLocker* for hard drive encryption and supports all Microsoft requirements for firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM) 2.0.


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Intel NUC 13 Extreme Kit - NUC13RNGi7 Desktop Black Intel Z690 i7-13700K

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