iPega PG-SW018A Wireless Gamepad Rechargeable Remote Gaming Controller with 6-Axis Gyroscope/TURBO/Dual-motor Vibration/Key Programming Function Replacement for N·S/PS3/Android/Windows


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features various practical functions, such as key programming, dual vibration, TURBO, 6-axis gyroscope, etc., bringing your more brilliant gaming experience. Features: [Dual Vibration TURBO] With dual motors, you can receive real-time feedback of different vibration effects which can enhance immersion in game. TURBO function supports auto fire with one key. Enjoy the game without tiredness. [6-Axis Body Sense Technology] Built-in 6-axis gyroscope chip enables high-precision recognition of direction and visual field, and provides pixel-level sliding experience, putting you in a 3D game battlefield [Key Programming Function] Four keys at the gamepad button support for action button or function mapping or programming, which has memory function at the same time, offering you superior convenience. [Exquisite Workmanship] High-precision joystick with anti-slip rocker cap, features 360sensitive steering for more smooth operation. The controller is ergonomically designed to fit well the hand shape, bringing stable and comfortable wear. [Innovative Design] Colorful LED luminous keys lights up your gaming environment at night. Cool appearance offers you more enjoyable gaming experience. [Universal Compatibility] The controller is replacement for NS, PS3, Android and Windows (Win 7 or above).