Manhattan XL Gaming Mousepad Smooth Top Surface Mat Large nylon fabric surface area to improve tracking for better mouse performance (400x320x3mm) Non Slip Rubber Base Waterproof Stitched Edges Black Lifetime Warranty Retail Box


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Nylon fabric surface
Rubber bottom
400 x 320 x 3 mm (15.75 x 12.6 x 0.12 in)
Package Contents
XL Gaming Mousepad
– The Manhattan XL Gaming Mousepad meets the demands of gaming one of the most popular pastimes in the modern world. This water-proof mousepad provides the smooth physical space necessary for high-speed precision movements during intense gaming sessions. Its non-slip base ensures a stationary surface for a vigorously moving mouse to win battles fight bosses rescue team members and more.
– The Manhattan XL Gaming Mousepad is compatible with all common mouse types (e.g. ball optical and laser). With a surface area of nearly 0.13 square meters the Manhattan XL Gaming Mousepad gives you the material to bring your gaming experience to whole new levels of fun.