Manhattan XXL Gaming Mousepad Smooth Top Surface Mat Micro-textured surface for ultra-high precision with optical and laser mice (800x350x3mm) Non Slip Rubber Base Water Resistant Stitched Edges Black Lifetime Warranty


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Extra-extra-large Gaming Mousepad for a gigantic playing fieldN/A If you already have a great gaming mouse dont lose precision by using it on a standard desktop. Make it a force to reckon with on an evenly matched foundation: the Manhattan XXL Gaming Mousepad. The textured micro-weave cloth surface of this Gaming Mousepad optimizes optical and laser mouse sensors for pixel-precise accuracy and total tracking responsiveness. Its huge area of 800 x 350 mm (32 x 14 in.) covers your entire desk and offers enough space for both keyboard and mouse. This size is perfect for those who use a lower DPI or like to have more mouse-mat area to maneuver.N/A N/A Designed with the gamer in mindN/A This gaming mouse pad also offers more physical advantages than precise tracking: A liquid-resistant coating protects against spills from coffee energy drinks and other drinks you enjoy during a game. The rubberized non-slip backing keeps the pad firmly in place even in hectic situations.