MSI MEG Aegis TI5 11TD-085EU DDR4-SDRAM i7-11700K Desktop Intel Core i7 64 GB 4000 GB HDD+SSD Windows 10 Pro PC Black


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Gaming Dial DesignN/AEasily Control Your Weapon of ChoiceN/AN/AOne Click AwayN/AQuickly start the game and link exclusive configuration files to avoid complicated game settings.N/AN/ASystem Performance Quick SwitchN/AQuickly toggle between system performance according to your needs.N/AN/AReal-Time Monitoring of System StatusN/AThrough the gaming dial you can view the system status in real time.N/AN/ACustomizable GraphicsN/AGamers can use their favorite animation effects to create their very own gaming desktop.N/AN/AIncomparable PerformanceN/AEnjoy the smoothest gameplay and the most delicate graphics of 3A games.N/AN/AProcessor Born For GamesN/AThe MEG Aegis Ti5 is equipped with Intel 11th Gen processor with 8-core 16-thread specifications and core-optimized computing technology. The Intel 11th Gen processor has 22% higher performance than the previous generation providing players with an improved gaming experience.N/AN/AUltimate Victory: GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics CardsN/AThe MEG Aegis Ti5s new NVIDIA second-generation RTX Ampere architecture graphics card uses a new RT core Tensor core and streaming multi-processor to create the most realistic ray tracing graphics and advanced artificial intelligence functions.N/AN/ACPU and VGA chamberN/Aseparate chamber maintains system coolingN/AN/APSU chamberN/AIndependent air flow prevent the heat air interactionN/AN/AVRM chamberN/AIndepent chamber with propeller fan ensures maximum performanceN/AN/AMSIS EXCLUSIVE LIQUID COOLERN/AMaintains perfect performance even under heavy loading.N/AN/AEnjoy the lighting fast speed brought by PCIe Gen 4N/AThe transfer rate is up to 7000 MB/s which is 2 times faster than the previous generation. 3A games and high-quality 4K videos can now be accessed quickly.N/AN/ASUPPORTS DDR4-3200HZ MEMORYN/AEnjoy stable and high-performance execution efficiencyN/AN/AGaming AestheticsN/AA weapon like art piece.N/AN/ACreate Your Own Gaming StyleN/AMSI Infinite series supports Mystic Light function partnered with the exclusively developed Mystic Light software gamers can define what their favorite light mode is.N/AN/AOne-piece handle designN/AAllows you to easily move this gaming beastN/AN/AMultiple LinksN/AThe latest and most complete port.N/AN/AThunderbolt 4N/AExtremely high transfer speed of 40Gb/s allowing players to quickly access and relocate game data and content.N/AN/AULTRA-HIGH-SPEED 2.5G+1G LANN/AThe MEG Aegis Ti5 is equipped with dual network port outputs. The design of the built-in software ensures that the gaming performance is always maintained at a high speed.N/AN/AEXTRAORDINARY WIRELESS EXPERIENCEN/AThe VERY FIRST desktop equipped with Wi-Fi 6E in the world. The latest Wi-Fi 6E delivers stunning speed while keeps the network smooth and stable even when sharing the network with numerous users. With its outstanding throughput and low latency you just beat others to it.N/AN/APerfect User ExperienceN/AThe most convenient and thoughtful design.N/AN/AEASY TO UPGRADEN/AThe MEG Aegis Ti5 has an easy to upgrade design. Players can easily upgrade the system components to ensure that the system is always up to date and performing at its peak.N/AN/AThe Best Tool for Connecting MSI APP and Mobile GamesN/AMSI Gaming Desktop has a built-in MSI App allowing players to play mobile games through a PC and use custom features (keyboard lighting and better graphics) to complete multiple tasks at once.