Nintendo Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Switch Car Electric engine

Nintendo Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Switch Car Electric engine


Turn your home into a race track with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit a brand new way to experience Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch!N/AN/ADrive a kart in the real world using familiar Mario Kart controls and see the action from your karts on-board camera displayed on your Nintendo Switch or TV screen. Watch as your home is transformed into ocean depths a sandy desert and more from the world of Mario Kart!N/AN/AMario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Mario set includes 1 Kart (Mario) Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit digital download code 4 gates 2 arrow marker and a USB charging cable.N/AN/AControl a real-life Mario Kart with Nintendo Switch and watch it come to life in the game!N/ARace a real-world Mario Kart through your home! Use the Nintendo Switch system to control your kart and watch as it reacts to whats happening in the game as you boost and drift to victory. Your in-home course comes to life on-screen with a view from right behind the drivers seat.N/AN/AYour home is the circuit!N/AStep 1: get readyN/APlace gates and customise courses in the real world then see them come alive with different in-game environments like jungles and snowscapes and obstacles like Piranha Plants. Use objects from around the house to customize your courses and add challenge then watch the game transform your home into the Mario Kart world!N/AN/AStep 2: set-up!N/ADrive your kart through the four gates to make a course in any shape you please! Make unlimited courses with the power of your imagination!N/AN/AStep 3: go!N/ARace against the Koopalings in eight Grand Prix cups!N/AN/ASee your home from a new perspective as a Mario Kart race comes to life on your screen. As you race around the course you made youll see other racers trying to beat you to the finish line as well as items that you can collect to even the odds.N/AN/AThings that happen in-game will even affect how your kart moves in real life. If you use a Mushroom your kart will get a small burst of speed but youll come to a stop if youre hit by another racers Red Shell.N/AN/AFriends and family can also get together and enjoy multiplayer races for up to four players so long as each player has their own Kart Nintendo Switch console and a copy of the software.


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Nintendo Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Switch Car Electric engine

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