Perp FORM / Twilight Path Standard English PlayStation 4


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In FORM players guide Dr. Devin Eli a brilliant physicist with superhuman powers of geometric visualization on a VR journey to uncover the secrets behind a recently discovered ancient artifact The Obelisk. Setting out from a remote Alaskan research facility players solve stimulating puzzles and explore surreal environments built from Dr. Elis memories dreams and fears.N/AN/AWithin these mindscapes players assemble puzzle pieces unlock doors and open rifts to alternative realities. While advancing through the game puzzles and environments become more complex and intertwined accessing the deeper and more distant recesses of Dr. Elis mind. By solving these puzzles and unlocking the constraints of Dr. Elis mind players will ascend through progressively higher levels of consciousness to discover a path toward Dr. Elis true destiny.N/AN/AIn Twilight Path players awaken to discover that they have become trapped in a mystical spirit world between the real world and the afterlife. To escape they will have to use their wits to solve VR puzzles reshape and restore massive stone structures open sealed passageways and explore a gorgeous and vibrant world.