Syberia 3 – Xbox One


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Released28/04/2017 For the first time in Syberia history, explore fully 3D environments Superb script and fully-voiced dialogue. Innovative new 3D puzzles combining enironment and objects in increasingly interesting ways. Combines real-world aesthetics with fantasy and steam-punk elements.Cast or memorable and eccentric characters. Award winning composer of Prince and Persia and Fallout fame. A brand new journey in the Syberia universe from acclaimed writer, artist and director Benoit Sokal. The world of Syberia combines gritty, real-world storytelling, and jaw-dropping fantasy elements in one of the richest game worlds ever created, and the winner of hunderds of awards over the last two decades. Both critics and fans agree that Syberia 3 is the most hotly anticipated adventure game in existence. Bringing this incredible world to a new generation of gamers, join Kate Walker as she is adrift on a boat, and is rescued by a mysterious tribe, the Youkol.