The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom – PlayStation 4


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Time to gear upasJack, Quint, June and Dirkin asearch for the missing piecesoftheultra-powerful Staff of Doom!Butbeware…Malondre, Queen of the Slime Monsters,seeks the Staffto summon Rezzoch the Ancient,Destructor ofWorlds.Upgrade your weapons andarmour,cruisearound Wakefieldin a post-apocalypticpickuptruck,fight through hordes of zombiesandmassivemonsters, and battle epic bosses in The Last Kids on Earth and The Staff of Doom! Features Team up with your family and friends and take on Malondre, queen of the slime monsters. Upgrade your equipment, abilities, Big Mama and the Treehouse and take on the zombie hordes. Explore Wakefield and drive around in Big Mama.