Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Xbox One Black USB Gamepad Analogue / Digital Xbox One Xbox Series S


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VERSATILITY AND INNOVATIONN/A- Modular T-MOD technology allows for unlimited renewal and upgrading possibilities.N/A- Your controller can constantly evolve thanks to its endless ecosystem of modules (color and custom kits sold separately).N/AN/AINDUSTRIAL-GRADE COMPONENTSN/A- Super-responsive tact switches.N/A- Responsive clear clicks that you can really feel.N/A- New NXG mini-sticks: rated for 2 million plus activations! N/AN/AThese nextgeneration components ensure enhanced precision and resistance.N/A- ABXY and D-pad buttons rated for 5 million plus activations for an extended lifespan!N/A- Practical and safe: braided cable with proprietary connector avoiding inadvertent disconnections.N/AN/AOFFICIAL MICROSOFT XBOX LICENSED PRODUCTN/A- Compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X.N/A- Compatible with PC (Windows 10).N/AN/A ADDITIONAL ERGONOMIC FEATURESN/A- 4 extra buttons that can be remapped directly via the controller itself.N/A- Locking catches that let you control the travel of the triggersN/A(RT/LT).N/A- Button bar that lets you control the volume of your headset (not included) and enable/disable its microphone directly via the controller itself.N/A- Xbox-style textured ergonomic triggers.N/A- Save 2 different gaming profiles in the controllers internal memory: switch between configurations in real time for instant adaptability!N/AN/A FREE MULTIFUNCTIONAL PC/XBOX APP INCLUDEDN/A- Reprogram buttons (and other controls).N/A- Configure mini-sticks (sensitivity and dead zones).N/A- Configure triggers (sensitivity and dead zones).N/A- Adjust vibration levels for the controllers handles and triggers (0100%).N/A- Import/export gaming profiles.N/A- App available for download from the Microsoft/Xbox Store (accessible directly via the Xbox console).