Thrustmaster eSwap X R Pro Multicolour Gamepad PC Xbox

Thrustmaster eSwap X R Pro Multicolour Gamepad PC Xbox


Experience incredibly immersive racing with the gamepad thanks to the brand-new RACING WHEEL MODULE. Master your trajectories and drifts and stay in control on any type of terrain with the modules 95 rotation angle and non-slip surface.N/AN/AUNDER THE HOODN/AFOR FORZA HORIZON 5 FANSN/AHit the road and discover Mexico with ESWAP XR PRO CONTROLLER decked out in the colors of Forza Horizon 5. Slip on your racing gloves and put the pedal to the metal with this officially-licensed Xbox and Forza Horizon 5 gamepad.N/AN/ANEXT-LEVEL IMMERSIONN/AYoull really feel like youre driving thanks to a truly game-changing experience with the new RACING WHEEL MODULE included with ESWAP XR PRO CONTROLLER FORZA HORIZON 5 EDITION.N/AN/AWith the modules re-centering system and 95 rotation angle youll experience a whole new level of immersion with incredible control of your turns and drifting.N/AN/AYOUR DRIVING STYLEN/AHot-Swap technology lets you swap modules at any time to adapt the gamepad to your gameplay and not the other way around. ESWAP XR PRO CONTROLLER FORZA HORIZON 5 EDITION includes RACING WHEEL MODULE two mini-sticks and a D-pad. Swap modules in a snap for the setup that suits you best at any given time!N/AN/ABECOME AN ACE AT THE WHEELN/ACombining enhanced precision with an extended lifespan of 2 million activations the next-generation S5 NXG mini-sticks and RACING WHEEL MODULE represent an excellent balance between driving precision control of your trajectories and overall immersion.N/AN/AEXTRAORDINARY RESPONSIVENESSN/AYoull love the super-responsive clicks provided by the mechanical buttons which are 64% faster than standard membrane-based buttons (tested under laboratory conditions). Say goodbye to lagging response times in games: with an activation distance reduced to 0.01 inches / 0.3 mm youll be able to respond quickly and take control in your races!N/AN/ACONFIGURE YOUR GAMEPADN/AAdjust the sensitivity and other settings of the mini-sticks RACING WHEEL MODULE and the triggers with the ThrustmapperX software. When RACING WHEEL MODULE is inserted the D-pad inputs are automatically assigned to the rear buttons (1 2 3 4). ThrustmapperX is available for Windows and accessible directly via the Xbox menu!N/AN/AN/A


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Thrustmaster eSwap X R Pro Multicolour Gamepad PC Xbox

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