X6 Headphone Earphones Sports Earbuds 3.5mm 1.2m Wired Headphone Around-Ear Earphones Noise Isolating Earphones with Built-in Microphone Volume Control Compatible with Phone Pad PC


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Features: Full-frequency composite speaker, really restores the original sound, subwoofer, 11.6mm large moving coil sports headphones. In line with the ergonomic shape and circumferential ear design, the product is not easy to slip, comfortable and durable, suitable for long-term wear. Volume control by wire, with microphone and buttons to easily control phone calls and music playback pauses, suitable for office, sports, fitness, driving, and other scenes. Made of high-quality PC and TPE materials, durable. Spiral TPE material line performance is better, high-definition signal transmission clean and lossless. Made with exquisite craftsmanship, headphones have diamond-like texture and bright and tough lines, with a stylish and beautiful appearance.